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Expand and organise your space with wall-mounted storage solutions from StoreWALL.
Organise your office, garage, workshop or laundry with StoreWALL’s superior storage solutions. Now also available through StoreWALL Australia.

With superior materials and construction, our products are built to last. Add to that a system which is super easy to self install.
We offer a great range of finishes to suit your room. There’s a look for every space.
Trust the things you value to StoreWALL, the best value in storage solutions.


StoreWALL offers an easy installation process enabling your to install our system yourself. We offer a great range of
installation support materials and videos to help you organise your room. Our Installstrips ensure the your
new walls are solid and ready to support your heaviest items.
The finish is clean without drill holes, a professional look.

StoreWALL offers the most customisable slatwall system enabling you to update and change it whenever you need to. Whether its for you garage, workshop, laundry or gym room, we can help you get organised.
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With superior materials and construction, our products are built to last. Plus you won’t find a system that’s easier to install. StoreWALL systems are constructed to hold your heaviest items. Our waterproof thermoplastic won’t weather, scratch or fade. The exclusive CamLok™ technology secures items to your new wall.
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The combination of accessories available is endless. We have over 10 varieties of hooks. Combine your hooks with bins, baskets and shelves and clear your garage floor. Move them around, add new accessories, its easy, safe and secure.
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StoreWALL offers solutions for every space, large and small, indoors and out. With finishes to fit any décor and storage options to meet any need, you’ll wonder how you organized without it! Browse our products to customize a solution, or choose a kit for a ready-made solution.

Trust the things you value to StoreWALL

Now available in Australia

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