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Heavy Duty Garage Shelving

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Garage storage is a super popular topic these days and no wonder, our garages are full and most people are looking at how they can maximise the space they have. One of the really popular accessories within the StoreWALL range is the Heavy Duty Garage Shelving. The range is not your typical standalone garage shelving found at Bunnings or other Shelving stores. StoreWALL’s shelving is an addon accessory which like everything else from StoreWALL is connected to your StoreWALL wall panels.

Our Heavy Duty Garage Shelving has proven rather popular since we launched StoreWALL in Australia and I now have to look for quicker ways to get the stock into Heavy Duty Garage ShelvingAustralia.

Heavy Duty Garage Shelving

The StoreWALL heavy duty wall rack comes in two sizes but at the moment we are only stocking the smaller size.

762mm Metal Shelf

The dimensions for this shelf are as follows:

  • 762mm long x 393mm deep x 254mm high
  • weight is 6.4kg
  • material is solid steel
  • the actual shelving space that can be used (top area) is 380mm x 760mm

One of the key characteristics of this range of heavy duty garage shelving is the sheer weight of each shelf. Whilst most shelving is made from aluminium which means its very light weight, our shelving is made from solid steel. This is real heavy duty.

As a comparison, the shelf to the right from Dataworld when purchased is delivered in two boxes. The frame (right and left sides) is in one box and the shelves in another. The box for the frame weighs 11KG. The StoreWALL Heavy Duty Garage Shelf weighs half of this at just over 6KGs.heavy duty shelving

To assist you with visualising our shelves we have included a video below. The video shows how the shelf is installed, the material it is made from as well as its dimensions.

Shelf Flexibility

Some of the key advantages of the StoreWALL range is its portability. Each StoreWALL shelf and any accessory for that matter can be added to your wall and moved around as and when required. If you need to move the shelf half a meter to the left or right, you can unlock it and slide it along. Should you need to move it from one end of the wall to the other you can remove it altogether and then add it back in again, exactly where its required. Using out slatwall panels, our heavy duty garage shelving can also be moved up and down your wall.

The difference with standalone shelving is that its usually one large piece of furniture 1m+ in width and 1m+ in height. Heavy duty garage storage racks are very useful in a garage and can be used in conjunction with the StoreWALL range. The challenge with it however is that moving it around can be almost impossible. Firstly you need to find the space to move it to. Secondly everything that is stored on it also needs to be removed and then added back on. This isn’t a small exercise.

Smaller shelving such as our Heavy Duty Garage Shelving will easily compliment anything else you are setting up within your garage. With the option of a 762mm or 1200mm shelf you are well covered for most garage needs.