Shed B Narrowly spaced studs

Metal Shed Wall Panels

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At StoreWALL this week we received a call from a client who lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Most of the homes in his neighbourhood where built 40+ years ago and have a standalone garage. The garage that this gentlemen has is basically a metal shed with a brick facade (my garage is very similar). In terms of size if fitted atleast 2 cars and so offered plenty of room. Being a metal shed however he was limited in how he could use his walls for better garage wall storage. He was wondering if we had any ideas for installing Metal Shed Wall Panels.

The construction of the shed was a metal frame and metal sheeting covering the outer layer. This structure had stood the test of time. It was strong and sturdy and hadn’t rusted. However, due to the external body being metal, he had been very restricted in adding any hanging storage using any form of metal shed wall panel.

Metal Shed Wall Panels

The gentlemen was kind enough to send through an image of the garage shed or atleast how the frame had been constructed. You can see that whilst there is plenty of frame supporting the garage, the vertical and horizontal posts where quite far apart. This made it rather hard to install any type of Metal Shed Wall Panel.

Metal Shed Wall Panels

This scenario is not ideal for garage wall panels of any nature but it is not an impossible task for a solution like StoreWALL.

Take the picture of this shed below. I found this picture on the internet at (theshedcompany). You can see the frame in this image and you can also see the large gaps between the vertical posts. The gaps are well over 1 metre apart. There is nothing wrong with the frame in terms of supporting the shed. It just doesn’t help when it comes to adding wall panels to your metal shed.

Metal Shed Wall Panels
Shed A wide studs

Perfect Shed Frame

This second image (below) is from the same shed supplier (theshedcompany). Notice that the frame used in this case has many vertical studs that are narrowly spaced. This is a much better setup for supporting metal shed wall panels. Note that these are both great sheds just making the point about how they can support internal wall panels.

Metal Shed Wall Panels
Shed B Narrowly spaced studs

If you took your typical garage hanging storage solution like StorEase from Bunnings and tried to install it on Shed A it would not work. Not if you where just wanting to install it directly onto the frame. The StorEase panel is only 1.2m in length and these studs are too wide apart. One option would be to install some plywood panels onto the frame and then screw your garage wall panels onto this. You would in this case still be required to support the plywood via the metal frame.

Installing on Shed B would be a lot easier with the additional studs supporting the panel. You may still want to install the plywood first.

Extending Your Shed Frame

I have a similar shed at home to that of the customer. It also doubles as my garage. It has a similar frame except that mine is metal but also supported by hardwood rails running horizontally along the length of the wall. There are 3 of these. One at the top, middle and the bottom. With my setup, I could overcome the problem by adding additional studs between the horizontal rails. As I have a partly wooden frame, these vertical studs would be screwed onto the wooden rails. Once these rails are installed, then I have much more frame to work with. I could then use these studs to support my StoreWALL installstrips.

If your frame was only metal you would need to do something similar. You could either use more metal to built vertical studs or add wooden studs to your frame. It really depends on the composition of your frame and how sturdy you think it is to support some vertical studs.

If your shed is new enough, you look at whether the manufacturer sells additional frame parts that you can add.

StoreWALL InstallStrips

How much more frame do you need? For Metal Shed Wall Panels we would recommend a vertical stud every 400mm. This allows you to install your InstallStrip at 400mm intervals and provide 4 points of support to every 1.2m StoreWALL panel. Better still if the StoreWALL panels are 2.4m in length you would have 7 points of connection for each panel.

Your StoreWALL InstallStrip can be screwed or bolted onto your additional vertical frame. Once this step is complete its as easy as hanging the garage wall panels and attaching your new StoreWALL accessories to hang you storage items.