Black Slatwall Panels

Black Slatwall Panels

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Over the next month (June/July 2022) we hope to introduce our latest slatwall colour – Black Slatwall Panels.

StoreWALL panels in black are a highly sought-after colour, especially from retailers fitting out their stores. StoreWALL in the US recently introduced Black StoreWALL Panels in the Standard Duty range.

Ensuring our Australian customers are always able to access everything StoreWALL in the US offers plus more, a limited supply is coming in the 1219mm range.

Black Slatwall Panels – 1219mm

A limited number of 1219mm cartons in Black will be available in Australia in early July 2022. Should this sample prove popular, we will make it a regular item in our garage wall panel range and also look to introduce it for the 2438mm length.

The Black range is currently only available in the Standard Duty. At this stage, there is no additional information if it will also be made available in the Heavy Duty range.

Pricing – Black Slatwall Panels

These panels will be priced the same as our Brite White and Weathered Grey panels which are also available in the 1219mm length.

Panels will only be available in cartons of 4 panels. They will not be sold as individual panels at this stage.


Interestingly, most Australian garages are painted white. Most StoreWALL Australia customers purchase Brite White panels to match their white walls. Second in line is our Weathered Grey colour. I definitely think that many customers who want a contrasting colour in their garage, workshop or office will consider the Black.

When you couple the Black panels with our Grey accessories, I believe you will end up with a very complementary colour combination for your storage area.

We will be sure to share some photos once our first customers start using the new Black Slatwall colour.