Wall Storage Solutions

Modular Garage Storage

Defined as “consisting of separate parts that, when combined, form a complete whole” by Dictionary Cambridge.org. Modular Garage Storage offers you the ability to kit out your garage with a combination of storage options including shelving, hooks, baskets, bins, bags, brackets, cabinets, drawers and benches. These are then hung on your garage wall or assembled around your garage. What is Modular Garage Storage […]

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Shed B Narrowly spaced studs

Metal Shed Wall Panels

At StoreWALL this week we received a call from a client who lives in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Most of the homes in his neighbourhood where built 40+ years ago and have a standalone garage. The garage that this gentlemen has is basically a metal shed with a brick facade (my garage is very […]

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carport storage solutions

Carport Storage Solutions

Today we are talking about Carport Storage Solutions. Having recently spent a few weekends driving around Melbourne’s eastern suburbs I quickly realised that many (say 20%) of homes had very limited access to an enclosed lockup garage. In most cases they had room at the front of the home for a carport and one or […]

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