garagesmart storage system

GarageSmart Storage System

Several weeks ago I had an enquiry by a customer in Melbourne who had recently built a new home with the GarageSmart Storage System installed in his garage. Upon initially talking to him I wasn’t quite sure what system he had on his walls. The gentleman was looking for some bins and our Rotating Bike […]

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21 gardening tools

21 Gardening Tools

Today’s post is about Dale and his 21 gardening tools which he managed to squeeze on one 1.2m x 1.8m wall. I think its quite an achievement and worthy of an article. Email Exchange I received this email from Dale about a month ago Hi Sales, Do you have a display centre or likes in […]

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Whitewood Wall Panels Installation

Whitewood Wall Panels

The latest coloured wall panel to become super popular in the US is Whitewood. Whitewood Wall Panels by StoreWALL were introduced close to two years ago and have become super popular for garages all over the US. StoreWALL Australia introduced the Whitewood colour about 12 months ago. When we first saw it we thought it […]

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