garage storage on the block

Garage Storage on “The Block”

2021 saw Channel 9’s “The Block’ feature a Garage Storage system from a local Melbourne supplier. It may not have been StoreWALL (more on this later) but Garage Storage on “The Block” gave many viewers some new ideas on how they could reorganise their garage area. You can find details of the actual suppliers used […]

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Garage Storage Options

Garage Slatwall Options

Garage slatwall systems are becoming more and more popular in Australia. This is because storage decisions for homes (even new ones) are often underestimated. This article is about your “garage slatwall installation” how much of your garage wall(s) you should consider covering with slatwall. We receive calls every week from customers who have landed on […]

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mouldy garage wall

Mouldy Garage Wall

This article is not about how to fix a mouldy garage wall, rather it is about how to continue to use it so that you can store the many items sitting beside it on the ground taking up your precious garage floor space. StoreWALL Wall Panels StoreWALL Wall Panels are water resistant and mould proof. […]

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Electric Drill Storage Rack

Power Tool Storage Rack

This month we added yet another new Shelf to our catalogue, the Power Tool Storage Rack. This new shelf is specifically designed to store multiple power tools and be used on your StoreWALL wall panels. It can also be used with many other slatwall and garage wall panel systems. WALL MOUNTED POWER TOOL RACK This […]

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Whitewood Wall Panels Installation

Whitewood Wall Panels

The latest coloured wall panel to become super popular in the US is Whitewood. Whitewood Wall Panels by StoreWALL were introduced close to two years ago and have become super popular for garages all over the US. StoreWALL Australia introduced the Whitewood colour about 12 months ago. When we first saw it we thought it […]

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Wall Storage Solutions

Modular Garage Storage

Defined as “consisting of separate parts that, when combined, form a complete whole” by Dictionary Modular Garage Storage offers you the ability to kit out your garage with a combination of storage options including shelving, hooks, baskets, bins, bags, brackets, cabinets, drawers and benches. These are then hung on your garage wall or assembled around your garage. What is Modular Garage Storage […]

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kayak storage racks

Garage Organization Ideas

A local Victorian town house builder was telling me this week the Victorian Building Association is requiring him to include bike storage in a new set of two town houses he is building. It seems the Victorian Building Association is ensuring some form of garage organization enter all new Victorian homes. Garage Organization If the […]

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