Kayak Storage Racks

Are you looking for Kayak Storage Racks? Taking a quick look on the internet and Kayak’s come in several sizes and weights. An Adult Kayak can have dimensions of 266cm (length) x 66cm (width) x 25cm (height) and weigh about 17-20kg. There are also smaller “youth” size Kayaks with dimensions of 183cm (length) x 61cm […]

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garage organisers

I need a Garage Organiser

I was speaking to a group of friends recently who both recently completed a major home renovation. One had just completed building a brand new home and had just moved in. The other had completed an extension to their home and had been living in the house for over a year. The common discussion point […]

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Surfboard Wall Rack Mount

Surfboard Wall Rack

Earlier this year, we introduced several new products to the Australian StoreWALL range, one of these being the Angle Brackets. Speaking to a client this week, we had an enquiry about a Surfboard Wall Rack or Surfboard Wall Mount. What this person was essentially looking to do was hang their surfboard on the wall so […]

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storewall large tote bag

Ball Storage Rack

My son and I really enjoy playing soccer. Over the past 4 years since he started playing we have accumulated about 6 soccer balls. Some of these we purchased ourselves and some have been received as birthday presents. Finding an effective way to store these balls in some ball storage rack of sorts has really […]

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StoreWALL Garage Installation Ideas

When you are investigating options for reorganising your garage storage area its important to see working examples others have completed. This week I have searched the web and found several examples of StoreWALL garage installation ideas. Two Wall StoreWALL Garage Installation This is a busy garage on the left has much of the wall area […]

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