The StoreWALL 6 Prong Hook is expertly designed to keep your items neat and tidy. We include soft-touch grips on hook ends to prevent storewall six prong hookscratches and damaging to your soft items. With 6 hooks you are assured of keeping your workshop or gardening clothing neatly stored and out of the way. Organise your work aprons, tool belts and even towels. Its also perfect for hanging up coats, hats, and more!

StoreWALL 6 Prong Hook Unit of Measure:

Sold as 1 hook

Six Prong Hook Specifications:

(Length) 463 mm x (Width) 63 mm x (Depth) 101 mm

The StoreWALL 6 Prong Hook has a maximum recommended weight capacity 22 KGs when your walls panels are installed with InstallStrips.