InstallStrips are the recommended method for installing StoreWALL panels as they make your wall panel structure much installing storewallstronger. It is also a much cleaner look as no screws are actually applied to the panels themselves. If however you prefer to utilise screws directly to your wall panels we can provide matching screws to assist you.


Each 1.2m panel requires 1 InstallStrip whilst each 2.4m panel requires 2 InstallStrips.

When you install with our InstallStrips, there are no unsightly visible screws or fasteners and the strips attach to any surface including wood or wooden studs, plasterboard, concrete or bricks. You can also add or change panels at any time. Installing StoreWALL couldn’t be easier or look better.

Using InstallStrips not only simplifies installation, it also provides superior strength, increases versatility and enhances aesthetics.

Each 900mm InstallStrip can be separated into 600mm or 300mm sections allowing you to create the installation you need within the space your walls allow.

Visit our getting started page to learn about installing using InstallStrip. We include an installation guide as well as useful videos on how to DIY

Wall Panel Trims

StoreWALL panel trims provide a clean and professional finish to your wall panel installation. Trims can be easily added and we offer a great range of colours so you can mix and match. Clean up the edges and corners with our easy to add L Trim.

Our colour range includes Weathered Grey, Brite White and Dover White. Installation of the L shaped Trim may include using a permanent adhesive but we recommend velcro or magnetic tape so that the trim can be removed if required. This is particularly important if you are using the Trim on the outer edges and you need to remove the trim to add new accessories like larger shelves.

Coloured Screws

If you have decided to not install with InstallStrips, we recommend you utilise our coloured screw range. This will ensure that the screws you apply to each panel blends nicely with the colour of your StoreWALL panel. Our coloured screws have the head of the screw painted to match the colour of your panel.