StoreWALL bins are the perfect way to keep track of small items and those that are frequently used. Our range of small, medium and large wall mounted bins are a great storewall binsaddition to a workshop, garage, pantry or laundry area.

There are so many creative ways to make use of slatwall bins and our great range of sizes and colours make them very popular. Our bins make a great accessory for all StoreWALL slatwall panels.

Slatwall Bins

StoreWALL bins are great for storing kids toys such as Lego, sporting equipment and even odds and ends from your workshop. The bins are open making everything stored easily accessible.

Built a home gym? Why not use the StoreWALL range of bins to hold your light weight, ropes and other sports equipment. Think of sporting accessories like ball pumps, tennis balls, frisbies and other summer beach sports equipment.

Bins fit easily into StoreWALL and all conventional slatwall panels (this includes panels purchased from other suppliers). Our range of StoreWALL bins are moulded of high impact plastic and designed for durability and easy cleanup.

storewall bins

Garage wall storage bins

Our range of StoreWALL Bins are also known as Pop boxes and Slot bins. They come in small and large sizes (we also have cube size) and a great of colours including Clear, White, Black, Grey and Chrystal Clear. In total we stock 8 different sized bins for you to choose from.

If your garage is full of tools and their many accessories then you will find our small and medium bins are great way to organise your nails, screws and bolts. Keep them all separated and organised so you don’t lose and they are easy to access when you are working on a task.

Allen Keys and Drill Bits can be easily misplaced. They are expensive to replace and never around when you need them. Keep them organised on your wall so you don’t waste time and effort looking for them.