StoreWALL Basic Duty Wall Panels

StoreWALL Basic Duty Wall Panels are the latest addition to the StoreWALL Wall Panel range. They are lighter and cheaper option compared to the Standard Duty Panel as Cheap Garage Wall Panelsinstallation is limited to directly screwing the panel to the wall with screws. This slight variation in panel design has enabled us to offer a new range of Cheap Garage Wall Panels.

Looking for Cheap Garage Wall Panels?
The Basic Duty panel is ideal for just about every use around the home, garage and even workshop. StoreWALL slatwall panels are waterproof, versatile and significantly stronger than most storage or slatwall panels currently available in Australia.

The difference between the Standard Duty Panel and Basic Duty, is that Basic Duty doesn’t come with the added grips on the back of the panel for the InstallStrips. Therefore it is lighter and designed to be screwed directly into the wall.

This is StoreWALL’s entry level panel, ideal for those looking for cheap garage wall panels.

Panel Sizes

The StoreWALL Standard Duty Wall Panels are available in one size, 4 foot (1219 mm). Slatwall dimensions include:

  • Each 4 foot (1219mm) slatwall panel has the following dimensions: 1219mm in length x 304mm x 16mm in thickness. The total coverage for each panel is .37m squared.

Our slatwall panels are sold in Kits or individually. The 4 foot kit (1.2m) comes with 4 slatwall panels covering a total area of 1.48m squared.

When installing the Basic Duty panels we recommend that you use about 20 screws per panel for added strength.

Panel Colours

The Basic Duty Panels come in two colours White and Grey.