StoreWALL provides the most extensive range of hooks for your garage, workshop, laundry, kitchen, pantry or cupboard. We have long hooks, short hooks, wide hooks and heavy duty hooks for your workshop.

All StoreWALL garage hooks come with our exclusive locking mechanism CamLOK.

Below we have created our Hooks Matrix to assist you with finding the appropriate hook for your storage solution.

ToolStoreWALL HookToolStoreWALL HookToolStoreWALL Hook
RakeTool HookElectrical CordUtility HookEarmuffs & safety glasses 190mm Single Hook
ShovelTool HookHoseUtility Hook or HD Universal HookSledgehammer/AxeHD Universal Hook/HD Cradle Hook
PitchforkTool HookFoldable ChairsHD Universal HookDustpan/broom63mm Single Hook
SecateursBox HookSpirit level
127mm Single HookPower drillWide Hook
BrushcuttersHeavy Duty Cradle HookStep ladderCradle/Universal/HD Universal HookWheel barrowBungee Hook
BlowerUtility HookLarge ladderHD Universal Hook/HD Cradle Hook/Bungee HookFishing Rod/Long polesS Hook/Angle Pole Hook
HedgersHeavy Duty Cradle HookClothing6 Prong Hook/U Hook/Disc HookWood/Metal Saw127mm Single Hook
BikeJ HookPaper RollLong HookTote Bag300mm Universal Hook
SkisTri Ski Hook/300mm Universal HookBackpack/BagsDisc HookExtended LadderUtility Hook
Loose TimberUtility HookWheelie BinCradle Hook/HD Universal HookSurfboardAngle Pole Hook (also see Angle Brackets)
Chainsaw2 x Power Tool Hook
or 2 x 300mm Universal Hook

Looking for a brochure on our range of Hooks? We have one of those.

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