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StoreWALL's Basic Bike Kit is a great way to get started with StoreWALL. Looking for ideas for storing your bikes in the garage? Bikes take up a lot of room in any garage and setting up handy wall panels to hang them on clears them off the floor, freeing up precious space.

StoreWALL's Basic Bike Kit is designed for two bikes but can easily be expanded. Add more panels and more hooks as you need them. Expand with other accessories like baskets and bins.

The Basic Bike Kit includes:

  • 1 x 1.2m Standard Duty wall panels (Weathered Grey or Brite White Colour)
  • 1 x Installstrip
  • 2 x J Hooks
  • Screws for Installstrip

Installed Dimensions: 304mm in height and 1219mm in width.

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