Wall Panels

StoreWALL offers a great range of Slatwall Panels made from super durable PVC Thermoplastic.

StoreWALL's panel range caters for all budgets:

  • Basic Duty - available in White and Grey. This is our entry level wall panel perfect for home and garage. Available in 1.2m lengths only. No Installstrips required. Installed with screws only. Strength - 1.2m Panel offers 17kg at 10cm from panel surface.
  • Standard Duty - available in a great range of colours and two sizes (1.2m and 2.4m panels). This is a premium wall panel for home, garage and workshop. We recommend our Standard Wall Panels be installed with our InstallStrips for added strength. However screws directly into the panels can also be used. Our Standard Duty Panels come in Weathered Grey, Brite White, Whitewood, Barnwood Grey, Graphite Steel, Rustic Cedar. Strength - 1.2m Panels offers 28kgs at 10cm from panel surface & 56kg at panel surface. Strength - 2.4m Panels offers 56kgs at 10cm from panel surface & 113kg at panel surface.
  • Heavy Duty - this is our premium range of wall panel and the strongest wall panel on the market. Designed for garages, workshops and heavy traffic areas. Panel length options are 1.2m. Available in Weathered Grey, Brite White and Global Pine. Installed with Heavy Duty InstallStrips for added strength. Strength - 1.2m Panel offers 34kgs at 10cm from panel surface & 68kg at panel surface.

Need help calculating how many panels you may need? Try our StoreWALL Estimator.

You can learn more about the advantages and limitations of PVC Slatwalls here.

Once installed, clean up your garage with our extensive range of slatwall Hooks, Shelves, Brackets, Baskets, Tote Bags and Bins.

Cutting Panels to Size
Panels can be cut to size using a drop or circular saw, they can be cut both vertically and horizontally. StoreWALL can cut your panels to size for you (cuts to length only). There is no charge for this service.

We have a comparison chart of the 3 panel options below.