What are the key differences between StoreWALL’s Wall Panels and others?

Category: Wall Panels

StoreWALL’s panels are larger and wider than many of the “Wall Rails” sold by retailers such as Bunnings. The dimensions of our panels are 304.8mm in height and 1219mm/2438mm in length. Our wall panels are made from a hardened PVC and so they are water and dust proof.

StoreWALL’s Wall Panels are typically installed with our metal Installstrips. This removes the need to screw through the panel itself as much of the weight is carried by the installstrip not the screw. Your walls will therefore not have messy screws showing from the outside.

The wall panel grouves on which your accessories are placed have squared edges instead of being rounded. The square edges grip your accessories better and firmer. This provides added protection for your stored items.

StoreWALL’s range of wall panel colours is extensive and growing. Almost all of our panels (ex Graphite Steel) have the colour running right through the panel, so should you dent or scratch the panel, you will always see the same colour inside it.

StoreWALL offers both a Standard and Heavy Duty Panel. Our Heavy Duty range is larger and thicker than any other panel on the market (both in Australia and the US).