Let’s get started with Installing StoreWALL. To help you better understand how StoreWALL works and how it can fit into your home or business, we have designed a simple step by step guide.

Step 1 – Your Room

The first thing you need to do is review the room with the problem and clean it up. This can involve taking everything out, grouping it, throwing the unnecessary things away and then reviewing where you want things placed. After the clean up is done, take a step back and review you room to decide which wall you will use to install your StoreWALL slatwalls. Hopefully the clean up will have given you extra space (including wall space) for your important items.

Step 2 – Wall Size

Once you have decided which wall you will install the StoreWALL slatwall system on, you will need to measure it up. You will need calculate the total area covered in square meters. Using a measuring tape, measure the length and height of the wall you want covered.

Step 3 – StoreWALL Panels

Step 3 is about determining how many StoreWALL slatwall panels you will need to cover your wall. StoreWALL wall panels come in two sizes, the 1.2m length and the 2.4m length panel. More specifically the dimensions of each panel are as follows:

  • 2.4m – 2438.4mm (length) x 304.8mm (height) x 16.7mm (thickness). The total coverage for each panel is .74m squared
  • 1.2m – 1219mm (length) x 304.8mm (height) x 16.7mm (thickness). The total coverage for each panel is .37m squared

Let’s say your wall space is 4m in length and 2.4m in height. Total square metres is 9.6m (4 x 2.4). With 9.6m squared of space to cover, the number of wall panels you will require is:

  • 9.6/0.74 = 13 (2.4m) panels. StoreWALL 2.4m panels come in packets of 4. In this case you would require 4 boxes (total of 16 panels). If the cost of the 4 boxes is too much, you might decide to only panel the top half of the wall (ie not all of it). The process of determining how much in panels you will need is the same.

Step 4 – Installation Extras

StoreWALL slatwall panels can be installed directly onto your wall studs (woodwork), brick wall or plasterboard. Whilst we recommend that you install using our InstallStrips (it increases the strength of the wall and looks much cleaner), you can screw the slatwall panels directly with coloured screws (or any screws of your choice).

If you are keen to keep your StoreWALL panels clean from screws and holes, you will need to use the following number of InstallStrips per 2.4m panel: Two InstallStrip-SD for EACH 2.4m panel. Each InstallStrip-SD is 914mm in length but can be split into 3 parts.

In the above example, if we are using StoreWALL panels for the entire 9.6m area, the total number of StoreWALL 2.4m panels is 13. The required number of InstallStrips is 2 x 13 = 26 x InstallStrip-SD.

Most Australian homes will have studs spaced at approx 450mm apart. Working with this spacing, you will need to install your InstallStrips at 450mm distances (on the studs). As an example, you might go 75mm in from the edge of your panel (ie panel sticks out 75mm). Then your first InstallStrip will be at 525mm, then 975mm, then 1425, then 1875mm, then 2325mm. This should then leave a 75mm edge. In total you will have 6 supporting points. See image below as an example. You can apply a similar spacing even for a brick walls.

Step 5 (a) – Levelling

Levelling is the key to a successful installation whether you are doing it yourself or paying someone to do it. Your InstallStrips need to be level. You can use a Laser Level or your traditional spirit level tool. A tool such as a Bosch Line and Dot Laser can make this task really easy by helping you mark your studs in the correct location along your wall.

Once you have marked your wall with where the InstallStrips should be placed, I suggest starting with the two outer InstallStrips first (ie one at either edge). Once these are placed and your panel is level, you can continue to add the inner InstallStrips (on the studs) using the spacing above or whatever works for your wall. As you add InstallStrips, I recommend that you keep checking their placement with a panel. This is will help you ensure that the InstallStrips grip the panel correctly whilst staying level. It’s the grip which matters.

You can continue this process along the wall, adding the outer InstallStrips first, checking levels and then the inner ones. Keep checking with a panel so that the grip and levels are correct.As the panels are placed side by side on your wall they need to butt up nicely against each other. This is where the levelling is key.

Step 5 (b) – Formation

Once your first row is complete, you might be required to cut your final panel to fit it to your wall. The remainder of that panel will be used to begin the next line up. This should give your wall that brickwork formation.

Step 5 (c) – Second Row of InstallStrips

When it comes to adding a second tier of InstallStrips the same process applies. Due to the spacing of the grips at the back of the panel you might need to leave a few mm between your first and second row of InstallStrips (ie don’t but them up against each other). Temporarily add your first outer InstallStrip by holding it against the wall. The new row of panels will actually sit on top of the lower row. By also adding a panel, you can gauge where the InstallStrips needs to be placed so that it grips the new panel and also links with the lower panel. Once you are happy with the placement, secure it and work on the other end repeating the process.

installing slatwall

Step 5 – Trims

StoreWALL offers a great way to finish off your StoreWALL installation by the using Trims. Our Wide trim can be used around all of the outer and exposed edges to clean them up.

Step 6 – Accessories

Having determined the quantity of StoreWALL slatwall panels you will need, the next step is to think about your accessories. StoreWALL offers storewall storage solutionsover 50 different types of accessories from brackets, to shelves, to bins, to hooks, to bags and baskets. Each category has a great range of sizing to help with your wall. Remember that with StoreWALL, all accessories can be easily moved around, giving you great flexibility. Our range of Accessories can be found on our online store.

Flexibility and scalability are the key to your StoreWALL system. If your needs change in a year or so, you can easily add and remove accessories to ensure your StoreWALL system continues to meet your needs.

Step 7 – Installing StoreWALL

Prior to ordering your StoreWALL solution, we recommend you take a look at our installation videos and guides to help you determine if you want to do the installation yourself or if you would like assistance. We can help you with contact numbers for installers in most states around Australia.

As a guide 6.5m of panels will take 2-4hrs to install on a plasterboard wall. For a brick wall you can double this. The cost per hour for a carpenter or handyman to do the work would be about $60 – $120/hr. These rates will vary significantly across the country.

A common question raised by customer of StoreWALL is cutting the panels. Yes when installing StoreWALL the panels can be cut to size, you can also cut out parts of panel to fit around light switches or anything else which is fixed to your wall. StoreWALL slatwall panels can be cut with a circular saw. Your blade should be a finishing blade (essentially it should have a high tooth count).

Step 8 – Order

Having determined everything you need, jump into our online store and select it all to understand what the setup cost will be including delivery.

Step 9 – Delivery Options

Depending on the total spend of your order, we offer FREE Delivery in all capital cities and metro areas. Alternatively our shopping cart will calculate shipping charges for you. Our charges are based on distance, volume and weight. If you think the delivery charge is excessive, please give us a call so we can calculate it manually for you.

Brick Walls

We recently completed a 9m x 2.4m Brick Wall installation which we have documented with detailed instructions and photos. You can access it here. We hope you find it useful.

Installation and Product Guides

StoreWALL Australia provides you with an extensive list of installation guides, product specifications and installation videos to assist you with installing StoreWALL’s range of slatwall panels, hooks, shelves, brackets, baskets and bags. If you need any additional assistance please call us or email us so that we can assist you.

Installers & Garage Organisers

Please visit our StoreWALL Installers page for more information on who can help you with your installation.

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